Parking Enforcement 

Parking enforcement has resumed. Please take the time to create a permit if your vehicle will be in visitor parking between midnight and 6:00 am. Click here to access the Reliant web site.


Pepper Townhomes is a small community in Santee, California that takes pride in its quiet family neighborhood setting and ample open space. We are pet friendly and take pride in our little piece of paradise in Santee. 

The next regular  board meeting will be November 4th at 6:30 PM, if you would like to attend please go to Contact Us and fill out the meeting attendance form. You will be contact by the property management to confirm your information before you will be sent an on-line meeting invite. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak all meetings will be held on-line vice in the 360 Community Management offices. Click here to view the agenda for the upcoming board meeting. .

Association board meetings are held every other month (Meeting Months are  - January, March, May, July, September, November) Board meetings are now the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm online in the past they were held at 10769 Woodside Avenue, Suite 210, Santee, CA 92071 but due to the current COVID-19 pandemic they will be online. 

The special meeting on September 9th to review a way forward to opening the pools safely did not result in any changes regarding the current state of pool availability to the association members. 

Asphalt Project Update

Asphalt project has concluded several things to note for the slurry coat and curbs to be painted and last long term with the best results the recently laid asphalt has to cure. This process allows the gasses from the oils in the asphalt to seep off. Your patience in this process is appreciated once we have a good cure we will slurry coat the entire project level by level. This will be done in phases as to limit the impact on our access to garages, carports, and visitor parking.

General Information

Your individual monthly dues cover the overall operating cost for the association from basic administration costs like stamps for mail to the water bill. Click here to see a chart breaking out where your 2020 dues are going.

Notes To Homeowners:

We have changed Management Companies! 360 Community Management will be taking care of our neighborhood as of November 1st click here to view the mail out notification. Click Here to see the mail out letter regarding our changes to parking management. If you did not get a mail out letter please contact us to request a copy letter be sent.

Please remember even with the drought gone and recent rains we are still paying the same high water costs. Almost 1/3 of your HOA dues goes to the water bill. Working together we can keep costs down!

Recently we have had pet owners who have not picked up after their pets. Please take the time to pick up your pet waste courtesy is contagious!

Throughout the property we have trash cans for that on the move need to throw your trash in. Please use them together we can keep our little hamlet of Santee clean!